(illegal) alien

just a little alien trying to make pizza and keep living on a very strange planet.

arrow keys to move/jump. x to pick up and drop things. (optional: z to jump)

reassemble spaceship into pizza machine

If you want to get competitive, you can try for a fast finish. My record is a complete pizza machine with 74 seconds remaining. Hint: you don't have to match the outline exactly. There's a pretty large tolerance and you can be sloppy.

This is mostly done. I'd still like to maybe music, and maybe more of a background? But I am in school and coming up on exam season, and very busy, with a lot of code to write for marks/jobs too. However, hopefully soon (at latest after exams, in April), I'll have more free time!

play in browser, or download to play offline :D

You can follow me on Twitter if you want: @amyoeba


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I beat your score.


Nice!! Good to see people beat me at my games :)


I like it though, its a neat concept.

Hahaha thank you! Maybe I'll make an easier mode after my exams are over :)